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Rejuvacyn PLUS Skin Repair Cooling Mist - 86007- 1.4oz (12/cs)

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Microcyn® technology now comes in a 100% natural cooling mist designed to accelerate recovery from a wide array of cosmetic procedures such as facials, laser hair removal, chemical peels and more. Safe to use on all areas of the body, convenient packaging and with no contraindications Rejuvacyn® Plus is the perfect hydrating addition to any daily skin care routine. Rejuvacyn Plus cleans the face, protects vulnerable skin, and soothes irritation and redness. Safe for all ages and skin types.


  • Intended for the recovery and management of skin following cosmetic procedures, microdermabrasion therapy, or superficial chemical peels.
  • Extra strength formulation, available only via healthcare professionals
  • pH neutral
  • Natural Products Association Certified
  • Odor free
  • Can be used in combination with normal skin care routine
  • Cruelty free and vegan
  • Safe to use around the nose, mouth, and eyes
  • Safe as water (No Alcohol, No Iodine, No Antibiotics, No Steroids)
  • Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and Antipruritic
  • No contraindications, will not interfere with the rest of your skin care routine


  • Can be use directly after cosmetic procedures
  • Non-cytotoxic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing
  • Soothes skin to diminish redness and inflammation
  • Keeps application site clear of microbes
  • Speeds up the healing process
  • Convenient on-the-go packaging
  • Can be applied as often as needed
  • Increased blood/oxygen flow to wound that stimulates wound healing
  • Powerful antimicrobial activity, breaks down Biofilm in 30 seconds
  • Restore, nourish, and fortify skin following cosmetic procedures
  • Microcyn® Technology provides reduction and protection from harmful microorganisms by 99.99%
  • Adheres to the skin without difficulty (no dripping or running), and efficiently covers the area being treated


  • Laser Services/Therapies
    • Laser Genesis
    • Fractional CO2 Laser
    • Pulsed Dye Laser
    • Fraxel •IPL(Intense Pulsed Light)
  • Dermabrasion Therapies
    • Crystal microdermabrasion
    • Hydra dermabrasion
  • Injections
    • PRP
    • Filler
    • Botox/Dysport


Rejuvacyn PLUS Skin Repair Cooling Mist - 86007- 1.4oz (12/cs)Rejuvacyn PLUS Skin Repair Cooling Mist - 86007- 1.4oz (12/cs)Rejuvacyn PLUS Skin Repair Cooling Mist - 86007- 1.4oz (12/cs)