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Sonoma Pharmaceuticals

Ocucyn® Eyelid and Eyelash Cleanser

Ocucyn® Eyelid and Eyelash Cleanser

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Relieve your red, itchy, and swollen eye lids with Ocucyn® cleansing eyelid and lash spray. Ocucyn is formulated with all-natural Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) from The HOCl Experts at Sonoma Pharmaceuticals. HOCl is all-natural and proven to gently remove dirt, dust, debris, and other impurities while ensuring a calming and non-stinging sensation. 

Sonoma Pharmaceutical's patented Microcyn® Technology uses naturally occurring Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) with our triple mode of action to provide anti-microbial, regenerative, and anti-irritation properties when relieving redness, itch, and other minor eye lid and lash conditions at home. 

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